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K2H bringing flavours to your life
K2H Creative Indian Kitchen
Back in 2016 our founder Nagendra had the vision to create an Indian dining experience like no other in the region. 
Based on the home cooked dishes that he grew up enjoying in Northern India he wanted to introduce real Indian dishes. You may not recognise some of the names as we bring you true Indian cuisine to tantalise your tastebuds. 
Here at K2H Creative Indian kitchen, we aim to provide our customers with the very best of Indian food and service. The restaurant stays true to its Indian heritage with traditional cooking methods, top quality fresh ingredients and elegant service. Our Chefs prepare a special mix of dry whole spices for different dishes by grinding them in-house in your local kitchen. With many years of training and experience in five-star hotels in India and with International exposure, they are well equipped with the knowledge and art of balancing flavours and extracting natural colours from ingredients whilst cooking a distinct ‘gravy’ for each dish on the menu.
Just giving the dishes a separate name does not make them taste differently, so we are determined to make sure that each of our dishes should have its own natural ‘body and character’.
OUR QUEST IS SIMPLE To serve the same food as we enjoyed at home with ‘Divine Flavours’ …Cooked with passion & served with affection.